Date Read: 1/2/22
Stars: ★★★☆☆

Challenge: 2022 PopSugar Reading Challenge
Prompt: #13 – A book about the afterlife

A story of a close knit family in Oregon hit by a truck on a snowy day. This resulted in the death of the father, mother, and their six year old boy while their eldest daughter, Mia, strives for survival in the hospital.

Told in Mia’s perspective revisiting the past and describing the present as an apparition while laying unconscious in a hospital bed. There she decides if she should stay or if she should join her family in the other side of the living.

In the end she decides to stay by waking up to squeeze her boyfriend’s hand as he pleads for her life. There she realizes that even though her immediate family passed on, there are many she can call family.

Caveat, I didn’t like the undertone for teens that boyfriends are worth living for. Live for you, fight for your life, fight for your personal experiences, and LOVE LIFE!