The 2021 52 Book Club Finished December 2021


35533431. sy475 ★★★★★

Set in a school


The Broken Girls

Read: 4/30/21


Featuring the legal profession 

Hour Game

Read: 3/12/21


A dual timeline


Into The Water

Read: 10/25/21


An author that is deceased

Animal Farm

Read: 11/9/21


Published by Penguin

The Giver of Stars

Read: 2/26/21


A character with the same name as a male family member (Andre)

An American Marriage

Read: 2/5/21


An author with only 1 published book

To Kill A Mockingbird

Read: 11/4/21


A book in the 900’s of the Dewey Decimal System

The Secret School

Read: 12/07/21


Set in a Mediterranean country

The Kite Runner

Read: 12/08/2021


Related to the word “fire”

With The Fire On High

Read: 1/8/21


Book with discussion questions inside

The Kite Runner

Read: 12/08/21


Title starting with the letter “D”

Doctor Sleep

Read: 9/3/21


Includes an exotic animal

The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe

Read: 7/25/21

50358519. sy475


Written by an author over 65 (when published)


Thick As Thieves

Read: 3/12/21


A book mentioned in another book


The Shining

Read: 3/28/21

43890641. sy475 ★★★★

Set before the 17th Century



Read: 6/6/21


A character “on the run”


Shadow and Bone

Read: 5/2/21


Author with a 9-letter last name


The Chestnut Man

Read: 9/22/21


Book with a deckled edge

My Dark Vanessa

Read: 11/26/21


Made into a TV series

A Discovery of Witches

Read 3/1/21


Book by Kristin Hannah


Four Winds

Read: 7/16/21


A family saga


The Ten Thousand Doors of January

Read: 6/12/21

41837243. sy475


An ending that surprises you


Lock Every Door

Read: 4/4/21


A book you think they should read in schools

A Night Divided

Read: 1/29/21


A book with multiple character POV


Not A Happy Family

Read: 9/19/21

54303848. sy475 ★★★★

An author of color


Infinite Country

Read: 7/18/21


First chapter ends on an odd page number


Meet Me In Paradise

Read: 6/30/21


Includes a historical event you know little about

Read: 9/30/21


Featuring the environment

The Giving Tree

Read: 12/09/21

26032887. sy475 ★★★★★

Watch out for dragons!

The Queen of Nothing

Read: 4/1/21


Shares a similar title to another book


Fool Me Once

Read: 2/19/21


A selfish character

The Night Parade

Read: 1/30/21


Featuring adoption

The Queen’s Gambit

Read: 1/6/21

52831200. sy475 ★★★★★

A book you’d rate 5 stars


From Blood And Ash

Read: 7/3/21


Set in a country that starts with the letter “S”

One Day in December

Read: 10/27/21


A nameless narrator

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Read: 12/06/21


An educational read


Read: 12/7/21


Recommended on BookBub


Leave The World Behind

Read: 3/13/21


An alternate history novel

The Alchemyst

Read: 12/06/21

25526965. sy475 ★★★★

Found via #bookstagram


End of Watch

Read: 3/21/21


An endorsement by a famous author on the cover



Read: 3/11/21


An epistolary



Read: 7/22/21


A character with a pet cat 

The Haunting of Ashburn House

Read: 1/1/21

40185419. sy475 ★★★★

Includes a garden


The Botanist’s Daughter

Read: 8/5/21


A coming of age novel

Siege and Storm

Read: 8/20/21


Winner of the National Book Award – any year

The Poet X

Read: 11/23/21


A character with a disability


Read: 1/18/21


A cover with a woman who is facing away

Magic Lessons

Read 2/6/21


A flavour in the title

Salt To The Sea

Read: 1/7/21


A shoe on the cover

The Bell Jar

Read: 10/2/21


Published in 2021

The Maidens

Read: 7/20/21


Re-do one of the previous 51 categories

(2020 Written by a female author)

The Sun Down Motel

Read: 2/14/21


from this 2021 challenge

(A book you’d rate 5 stars)


Billy Summers

Read: 9/6/21