Book: The Circle
Dave Eggers
Science Fiction
Date Read:
Stars: ★★★☆☆

Challenge: 2022 PopSugar Reading Challenge
Promt: #34 A social-horror book

Early twenty something, May, gets a position at a highly coveted social media tech company, The Circle. The employees of this business must live a mandatory public life: posting and live streaming their activities and whereabouts 24/7. Likewise, the establishment’s goal is to wear a camera in their person, to attain global transparency to prevent secrets/crime/misdemeanor, and to consolidate login for health and online accounts. Their mission is to complete the C of its name into a Circle to obtain world knowledge shared by all. May becomes a disciple of the Circle and does everything to fulfill its purpose no matter the consequence.

Protagonist is frustratingly malleable for her 20’s and easily acquiesces to the policies of The Circle. The company’s regulations raise numerous red flags on privacy yet she naively becomes devoted to its practices without considering possible repercussions. May has zero boundaries to other people’s wishes to be disconnected – to go off grid – one incident proving to be fatal. 

I was waiting for an internal coup followed by civil unrest between the government, private company, and the people – but it never happened. If I read this when it was first published in 2013, the ending would have been incredibly frustrating. But low and behold, the book set the tone of the world to be continued in the 2021 published novel, The Every – which will probably delight my absolute need for retribution and  closure.