Book: Leave The World Behind
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Date Read: 3.13.21
Stars: ★☆☆☆☆ 

Summary: Family of four rents a house through AirBNB. Late at night there was a knock on the door – the homeowners, a wealthy retired couple in their 60’s. They all stay together to comprehend the existential crisis the world is facing.

Reaction: I picked this up in CD form to listen to while I crochet. Honestly, it was perfect since we likewise rented a vacation home through AirBNB and about to embark on a trip of our own. It was set to a great start until the cringeworthy, “‘his penis jerked itself towards the sun, a yoga salutation, bouncing, then stiff at the house’s allure…” excerpt, followed by verbal diarrhea that could be summed up in one sentence.

That wasn’t my only gripe – this is the least researched book I’ve ever read/listened to. The author circumvented every explanation to a possible pandemic thus skirting to write any scientific detail. Rather, Alam wrote that the events and decisions each character made to be based on fear – thus cocooning themselves in their bubble choosing to do something that resulted in absolutely nothing. This is lazy writing. Did the author consult or interview people, professionals, or experts on any of the subject matter? NO! Because there’s nothing of research value! I learned nothing.

There were pages upon pages of analogies listing emotions a character felt. Enough! There were prolonged finality to trivial matters to insight fear and tension but yet again, each an anti-climactic resolution. As far as the interaction between different races and social status, there should have been more dissonance, specially in the face of uncertainty. I was waiting for it – waiting for the shit to hit the fan – NOTHING. Every single character in this book infuriated me.

I kept listening for some sort of redemption – but null. Don’t get me started on how this book ended.

Leave this book behind.