Happy Black History Month!

This month the kids and I are learning about Rosa Parks. We borrowed a few books from the library which we will read and discuss in detail throughout February.

The most interesting thing I’ve learned about Rosa Parks is that she was not the only person in history to refuse to give up her seat in the bus. What made her significant was who she knew. Mrs. Parks was a member (secretary) of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) where she closely worked with its president, Edward Daniel Nixon; she was acquainted with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.; and she and her husband were respected members of the African American community among many other contributing factors. Parks had integrity – she was courageous and honest which made her the perfect person to fight segregation laws.

I stumbled upon a cute book, Crochet Iconic Women, in which Rosa Parks was featured. I thoroughly enjoyed creating her. The pattern suggested a mint colored skirt and hat, which wasn’t in my yarn stock, however the complementary colors worked well.

A hack for the arms is another crochet hook stuffed inside for easy single crocheting. It prevents hooking the crochet hook in other stitches.

Materials Used:

The lip moisturizer was the perfect size to shape her eyeglasses. She’s so cute. My daughter claimed and loves playing with her doll. It works well for her to hold Rosa Parks while we learn about the iconic wonder.